Ground Cargo

Nowadays the transportation of cargo by rail in many cases is the most profitable in financial terms. Railway transportation gives in to road transport in speed but has an advantage in carrying capacity and transportation costs. If you have load that can be forwarded by railway our specialists will be happy to give an advice on advantages and disadvantages of this kind of transportation and make a reasonable quotation taking into account your wishes and conditions.



International transportation by road is one of our main activities . We deliver import, export, transit cargoes in the containers, tents and other trailers to all regions of Post Soviet Union countries, Europe Middle East, within the borders of USA. In addition to the full load of transport from one client, we can offer services for the transportation of bulk cargo. Logistic schemes are calculated taking into account passing trucks and the availability of transit of warehouses in the direction of the cargo. In many situations, this delivery is much cheaper than transporting partially filled vehicles.

If for the transport of particularly heavy loads, machinery and equipment, it is intended to use rail or water transport, we deliver goods from the actual location to the place of loading.

For our clients, the staff of the road transport department works – operators, managers, logisticians. Managers will select suitable vehicles for your cargo, the logisticians will calculate the optimal route of the traffic, the operators will answer the question about the location of the cargo.



We guarantee insured safe delivery of any load we undertake to forward. Our team is highly responsible for B2C and B2B trust-based communication and frees the customer from any probable risk connected with the whole freight forwarding process from A to Z.


Our payments policy is flexible and being tailored for every client individually according to their needs gives an opportunity to feel comfortable to both sides. We negotiate and trust and as a proof for our mutual loyalty there are hundreds of successful cooperations.


Intertrans Armenia deems the quality of the exploited machinery to be a key factor for successful business growth and 100% customer satisfaction. All the vehicles we use for overland transportation are recent years edition and periodically pass compulsory technical investigation.


Intertrans Armenia united a group of young professionals who are willing to push forward an interesting but quite responsible endeavor of reliable freight forwarding company. Striving for having a leading role in regional market we put enormous effort being always on line for any clarification needed.